Sunday, February 23, 2014


Great news. I'm official! John And I are a certified team. here are a few photos.

Some things to share. I now live in Wisconsin. It's not too different from Michigan where I grew up.
I live in a big place with lots of rooms. There are people that help out my Dad and take me to potty outside. I'm very happy and do a great job. I have my own crate and a big water dish so John doesn't have to fill it too often. He can feed me with help.
Part of a letter from my new Mom:
Flora is BEAUTIFUL, as you know, and so loving. Everyone wants to pet her, but has been good about not doing it. We take her to church with us and wherever we go. She lies by John and puts her head on his feet. She can open the door to his room, open the handicapped door to get in the building, pick things up that he drops, and goes to her kennel whenever someone comes in his room. She can open the kennel door and close it. She does sit, down, stay, come, brings the leash on command, and bring him his phone. She will wait when asked and go down the stairs after me. She will follow behind the wheelchair when they are going through a doorway. The one thing she's not so great at is food - she loves it. She is definitely a lover, and we have fallen for her deeply! Thank you so much for all you did for her in her puppy stage. We so appreciate it. I can't imagine how you could give her back, but we're sure glad you did! We love Flora and know she has even more good to come. She learns so easily.                                   Thanks so much! John & Linda

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Service Dog!!!!

Got The news we have been wait ing for!
Hi Andrea,
On behalf of Paws with a Cause®, we would like to thank you for your support of our organization and for your dedication in raising FLORA as a PAWS® Foster Puppy. We think it is terrific that there are people, such as yourself, that are willing to give of themselves in such a special way.
We would also like to share the good news that FLORA has been placed with her partner. FLORA and her partner are now working together to form the bond that will make them a working team. Attached please find a placement photo of FLORA. We hope that you experience pride in knowing that the dog that you raised has now become the light of someone’s life and will aid them in gaining the independence that a PAWS Assistance Dog can provide.
Your commitment to PAWS is greatly appreciated! We thank you for your support as we continue to encourage independence for people with disabilities.
The Staff of Paws With A Cause

Monday, November 19, 2012

More litter updates

Today News  from Finn & Fables new families. They both were not right for narcotics detection but have moved on to enjoy new lives as pets. The F brothers were adopted by human brothers and play together frequently. Fable, now called Bubba is enjoying his life. He discovered that tummy time is much nicer when its on the couch.

We're waiting to heat from Finn's foster family to contact his new forever family. Hopefully more news to come!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Oct Progress report

I'm now matched with a client. I will be a service dog for someone with a physical disability.  I just need to refine my skills and be trained specifically for what my person needs me to help out with.
A note from my teacher:
Flora is nearly done with training.  She is struggling a little bit now because I am working more tasks in a session and sometimes she gets confused and wants to work the last task when she gets confused or fails a little with the task we are working on.  Other than that she is really turning into kind of a lovely little worker.

Woo Hoo! Mom is really proud

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Meet Kilo AKA Flair

Meet Kilo Clear Lake Police Department welcomes new K-9 officer The Clear Lake Police Department is continuing its tradition of including a K-9 officer on its staff.“Kilo” is being introduced to the community as a single purpose narcotics dog teamed with police officer Cory Gute. Kilo, a 16-month-old black Labrador retriever, is ready for drug detection work, but is still polishing his manners in public.“He’s still a youngster and acts like a puppy, at times,” said Gute. “But he is certified as a narcotics dog and is ready to help.”Gute and Kilo recently completed a three-week training program at Mid-Michigan Kennels and will continue training exercises here. Gute is hopeful that as Kilo matures, he can also learn tracking skills. The dog must be certified yearly by the International Police Work Dog Association for its narcotics work. Kilo is the only K-9 officer in Cerro Gordo County and rides with Gute on almost every shift. Since joining the department in June, the dog has been used roughly twice a week. He was recently introduced to Clear Lake Rotary Club members and soon will make more public appearances, visiting schools and providing demonstrations for interested groups.“We live together and go to work together. I hope we become effective partners,” said Gute. Chief Peterson said he believes a K-9 officer is a valuable tool.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

August Update

I have been matched to a client. That means I am training to take care of them. I practice walking and working with someone in a wheelchair, doors, push plates, and the phone. I still have a lot to learn.
A note from my trainer:
Flora is an interesting little dog. She is high energy but responsible and she is beginning to like the work. Now we are working on her distraction.

Wish me luck that continue to do well in school.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Flair- the drug dog

More great news from my brother! Flair got career changed after a very short time but he went to Mid Michigan Kennels and passed with flying colors! His #1 Mom quickly heard back from his
new handler and they have already made a couple drug busts! I couldn't be more
proud :-) He is still doing a great job helping in an environment where his extreme exuberance is appreciated.